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Black Oak

Black Oak is meticulously crafted to perfection to celebrate the satisfaction of achievement. Blended with domestic grain spirit, it is bottled, aged and blended in Nepal. Discover greatness of premium malt and grain spirit double matured in charred sherry oak casks of Black Oak.

Rich in fruity flavors, its charred oak contributes to a refined palate of nuttiness, delicious woody fragrance and a velvety deep peat smoky finish. Black Oak comes neatly bound in a premium package that preserves its fine smoky taste. For those who aspire being a class apart, this malt serves as the excellent concoction.

A truly extraordinary blend with an outstanding taste, Black Oak is a creation fit for perfectionists. It adorns an aura of elegance that caters to those who believe in impeccable details that captivate their lives. It illuminates a passion reserved for those with an exquisite taste for sophistication.

Black oak is a widely appreciated premium blended malt available all over Nepal in selected areas. It comes in 40UP segment in 180ml and 375ml bottle. Its 750ml bottles are encased in an aesthetically pleasing canister that compliments its extraordinary flavor. We persevere to excel the perfection inherited from generations of craftsmanship in every bottle, so you can savor the rich culture of fine blend in every sip.


34.23% (v/v)

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