Enter Your Birth Year


As a responsible company, we strive to assure that consumers enjoy our brands responsibly and transform social gatherings into genuine and cheerful experience of sharing and wellbeing.

Himalayan Distillery is mindful that alcohol abuse may have negative effects on people as well as their communities.

We strongly oppose underage drinking  and we always respect the decision made by some people to abstain from alcohol.


Our commitment is a holistic approach reflecting our value toward a sustainable economy and a healthy environment for our employees in acting responsibly. We strive to create a diverse and engaging culture through activation for the environment and the community.


Giving back solidifies the company’s connection with the community through which we can work for a better wellbeing. At HDL, we take serving the community as a core part of our operations. Through participation in such activities we remain true to the cause and in adding value to the welfare of the parties. These voluntary activities has allowed us to get close with the society and the nation.