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14 July, 2022

Maryknoll Nepal (Aashadeep) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1991, dedicated to the promotion of mental health in Nepal.  The organization is engaged in treating people with mental disorders, and rehabilitating them in the community, raising awareness about mental health and psychiatric disorders, and training health personnel in mental health issues under the banner Ashadeep. The organization is currently running a psychosocial residential rehabilitation program for financially disadvantaged people in Nayapati, Kathmandu. However, they were finding it increasingly challenging to carry out their activities effectively due to poor infrastructure. They had beenusing their dining space as an auditorium for the activities like staff development, training, parents’ meeting, orientation program, recreation, occupational therapy, etc. Similarly, they lacked space for other day care activities like occupational therapy, vocational therapy, recreational activities, etc. Additional space was also required for Practical Field Placement referred from different related institutions. For this purpose, Maryknoll Nepal was planning to construct a multi-purpose hall on its premises with an estimated cost of Rs. 9,538,215 (Nine Million Five Hundred thirty-Eight Thousand Two Hundred Fifteen), for which they are seeking financial support. As Maryknoll Nepal/ Aashadeep has been providing a most essential service in the field of mental health for many years and proper infrastructure is a pre-requisite to providing quality service, it was proposed to contribute an amount of Rs. 4,000,000 (four million) to them to help construct the multi-purpose hall at their existing premises.