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Oak Family

A gift of nature itself, the history of oak barrels traces back to centuries. Thanks to its natural attributes. A generous amount of time in oak barrels allow malt its refined taste that we know and love. As the legacy of oak continues, so does its ancient tradition of blended malt. It is a craft, perfected throughout generations with meticulous skills and unbound passion.

The world of Oak family is inclusive of all who express confidence. They seek sophistication and aim for premium experience. They believe in living life to the fullest and celebrating every moment and every triumph that comes their way.

Golden Oak

An exceptionally innovative blend – Golden Oak, combines a tasteful balance of exotic aromatic flavors. This magnificent perfection is specially crafted with selected Nepalese grain spirit and premium hand-picked malt, matured in American oak casks.

Golden Oak presents a profound flavor that unravels a taste like no other. It is an excellent choice for the wise and decisive who aim to achieve. Each sip blossoms into a smooth surprise of exotic dried fruits, toasted vanilla and smoked cereals. The flavor is followed by long, lingering finish of oak wood cask, igniting the passion to keep moving ahead in the journey of life.

The flavors of Golden Oak welcomes all who confidently move ahead to new challenges. Their expressive nature and knowledge is the key source to their wealth.
As successful as they may be, they showcase the same level of generosity to those around them.

Golden Oak is the highest selling liquor brand in Nepal, omnipresent in the market in 40UP segment and available in 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles. Its premium taste with value for money caters to all who appreciate making moments memorable. Our new packaging in mono-carton cases along with our new label design boasts a premium feel, serving you specially during festivals and celebrations. With years more to come, we aspire to keep the fine tradition of premium blended malt and deliver superior taste above all else.

Black Oak
Black Oak

Black Oak is meticulously crafted to perfection to celebrate the satisfaction of achievement. Blended with domestic grain spirit, it is bottled, aged and blended in Nepal. Discover greatness of premium malt and grain spirit double matured in charred sherry oak casks of Black Oak.

Rich in fruity flavors, its charred oak contributes to a refined palate of nuttiness, delicious woody fragrance and a velvety deep peat smoky finish. Black Oak comes neatly bound in a premium package that preserves its fine smoky taste. For those who aspire being a class apart, this malt serves as the excellent concoction.

A truly extraordinary blend with an outstanding taste, Black Oak is a creation fit for perfectionists. It adorns an aura of elegance that caters to those who believe in impeccable details that captivate their lives. It illuminates a passion reserved for those with an exquisite taste for sophistication.

Black oak is a widely appreciated premium blended malt available all over Nepal in selected areas. It comes in 40UP segment in 180ml and 375ml bottle. Its 750ml bottles are encased in an aesthetically pleasing canister that compliments its extraordinary flavor. We persevere to excel the perfection inherited from generations of craftsmanship in every bottle, so you can savor the rich culture of fine blend in every sip.

Blue Oak

The rich culture and history of oak family follows its path with Blue Oak. A blend that appreciates the tradition of mystic Himalayas of Nepal, Blue Oak celebrates all victories that bring joy in life.

An invigorating blend of the rarest malt and grain spirit, Blue Oak relishes a gloriously fine blend of charred sherry and American oak. To add to its complexity, Blue Oak is double smoked to achieve a distinct taste with a velvety smooth finish. A premium blended malt crafted to perfection, its peaty aroma with hints of baked fruits and spicy wood shaving captivates a taste unforgettable.

For dreamers, innovators, and those who create their own path, Blue Oak is the perfect blend of uniqueness that complements their individuality. Its aromatic flavors along with its fine blend of oak is a match made in heaven for those who seek peace and serenity in different walks of life. Blue Oak is available only in major cities and towns of Nepal in 180ml and 375ml bottle. Its 750ml comes in an enclosed bottle worthy of the finest celebration. The blended malt is a taste of extravagance for those with a 40UP preference and reserved specially for the victories that we triumph in life. A pinnacle of luxury, its complexity and profound flavor is an everlasting treasure we strive to cherish.

Blue Oak
Himalayan Aaila
Himalayan Aila

Himalayan Aila is an indigenous Nepalese liquor with unique frosted bottle and has the strength of 48.5% (V/V). “Aila” is the main ingredient of one of the major Nepalese tribe called Newars. Besides being served as main part of Newari feast, it is also offered to gods and goddesses as one of the most pure thing.  The locally available Aila, because of being diluted in taste, aroma and strength, no longer represents its ancientness and originality. Himalayan Aila has been blended so as to give the connoisseur its purest nature, unmistakable thrilling strength and robustness as the ancient traditional Aila made from the finest basmati rice. Aila despite being high in strength is preferred to be drunk neat or may be drunk on the rocks.