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Blue Oak

The rich culture and history of oak family follows its path with Blue Oak. A blend that appreciates the tradition of mystic Himalayas of Nepal, Blue Oak celebrates all victories that bring joy in life.

An invigorating blend of the rarest malt and grain spirit, Blue Oak relishes a gloriously fine blend of charred sherry and American oak. To add to its complexity, Blue Oak is double smoked to achieve a distinct taste with a velvety smooth finish. A premium blended malt crafted to perfection, its peaty aroma with hints of baked fruits and spicy wood shaving captivates a taste unforgettable.

For dreamers, innovators, and those who create their own path, Blue Oak is the perfect blend of uniqueness that complements their individuality. Its aromatic flavors along with its fine blend of oak is a match made in heaven for those who seek peace and serenity in different walks of life. Blue Oak is available only in major cities and towns of Nepal in 180ml and 375ml bottle. Its 750ml comes in an enclosed bottle worthy of the finest celebration. The blended malt is a taste of extravagance for those with a 40UP preference and reserved specially for the victories that we triumph in life. A pinnacle of luxury, its complexity and profound flavor is an everlasting treasure we strive to cherish.


34.23% (v/v)

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