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Silver Oak

Silver Oak, a meticulously crafted spirit, embodies the essence of exceptional quality and innovation. The infusion of pure Artesian water, sourced from the pristine Himalayas, imparts a symbolic touch of purity and smoothness to every drop. This choice of water, along with the careful selection of the finest grains, creates a liquid with a rich and distinctive character that enhances the entire drinking experience.

The premium easy-to-open cap and the clear transparent bottle showcases a commitment to not only the quality of the spirit but also to the visual appeal. Crafted for a Smooth Finish, Silver Oak delivers a premium and unparalleled experience for consumers, ensuring that every sip serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Whether enjoyed straight or with ice, the smoothness of the liquid elevates your drinking experience as you sip and savour the moment.


34.23% (v/v)

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