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Golden Oak

An exceptionally innovative blend – Golden Oak, combines a tasteful balance of exotic aromatic flavors. This magnificent perfection is specially crafted with selected Nepalese grain spirit and premium hand-picked malt, matured in American oak casks.

Golden Oak presents a profound flavor that unravels a taste like no other. It is an excellent choice for the wise and decisive who aim to achieve. Each sip blossoms into a smooth surprise of exotic dried fruits, toasted vanilla and smoked cereals. The flavor is followed by long, lingering finish of oak wood cask, igniting the passion to keep moving ahead in the journey of life.

The flavors of Golden Oak welcomes all who confidently move ahead to new challenges. Their expressive nature and knowledge is the key source to their wealth.
As successful as they may be, they showcase the same level of generosity to those around them.

Golden Oak is the highest selling liquor brand in Nepal, omnipresent in the market in 40UP segment and available in 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles. Its premium taste with value for money caters to all who appreciate making moments memorable. Our new packaging in mono-carton cases along with our new label design boasts a premium feel, serving you specially during festivals and celebrations. With years more to come, we aspire to keep the fine tradition of premium blended malt and deliver superior taste above all else.


35.23% (v/v)

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