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Himalayan Aaila

Himalayan Aaila is an indigenous Nepalese liquor with unique frosted bottle and has the strength of 48.5% (V/V). “Aaila” is the main ingredient of one of the major Nepalese tribe called Newars. Besides being served as main part of Newari feast, it is also offered to gods and goddesses as one of the most pure thing.  The locally available Aaila, because of being diluted in taste, aroma and strength, no longer represents its ancientness and originality. Himalayan Aaila has been blended so as to give the connoisseur its purest nature, unmistakable thrilling strength and robustness as the ancient traditional Aaila made from the finest basmati rice. Aila despite being high in strength is preferred to be drunk neat or may be drunk on the rocks.


48.5% (v/v)

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