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21 March, 2022

EK EK Paila Foundation located at Thapathali, Kathmandu is an initiative of a group of volunteers in Nepal with a motive to provide free health services to the people in the remote rural areas and has been actively involved from 6th June 2015 from Sindhupalchowk District, which was the most devastated region after the earthquake. The Foundation had submitted a proposal on 20th July 2021 for the establishment of EK EK Paila ‘Hamro’ Community Hospital, which is a 10 years program that has aimed to build a sustainable health care delivery model by delivering primary health care 15-bed hospital in Thokarpa VDC, Sindhupalchowk District. The foundation had requested financial support of Rs. 1,89,15,000 (eighteen million nine hundred fifteen thousand) for covering the operating cost of the hospital.

After a detailed discussion, the Board was of the view that the foundation has taken a remarkable initiative to address the health issue of the rural population and the Board approved the contribution of 10,00,000/- (one million) annually for three years to each hospitals.